P`C Picks from ICFF

Let me start by giving ICFF some well deserved praise, the show was fabulous on all accounts!

As we perused the isles we saw many fabulous premium and luxury brands, some emerging for the first time, others better known – all sharing beautiful designs!

A few of our favorites…

Artisanal Glass Lamps

Cartwright debuts.  A luxury artisanal glass lighting company, producing heirloom quality lamps using traditional Italian glassblowing techniques applied to modern forms shows for the first time ever!

We had the pleasure of meeting interior designer and founder Carolyn Cartwright who shared with us her passion for light which began with her work as a set designer and has now emerged in a line of exquisitely made table lamps.

To see more visit: www.cartwrightny.com




Nature Meets Art, Meets Function

Another brand making its debut was the amazingly creative and fantastical landscape artist Robert Cannon’s, Opiary.  A booth full of wonderful cement creations, decorative and functional, and all alive!

Check out more at: www.opiary.com



LED Wallpaper!

For their first time in the U.S., U.K.’s Ekaterina and Maria Yaschuk exhibited their LED lit wallpaper line, Meystyle.  Many of the patterns are hand adorned with Swarovski crystals and LED lights can be dispersed sparingly or used all over for a truly magical effect!

More patterns: www.meystyle.com


Marbled Wall Murals

If you attended the Architectural Digest Home Design show you may recall seeing the adorable couple Rachel & Nicolas launching their marbleized wallpaper line, Calico.  Rachel begins by marbleizing paper swatches and Nicolas digitally adapts the patterns to fit any wall size making the mural appear as a single cohesive pattern.  The duo returned to the NY exhibition scene at ICFF where their artful wallpaper looked gorgeous set with the perfect companion, furniture from Patrick Weder Design.

For more information: www.calicowallpaper.com


Fullscreen capture 5222013 50824 PM

Avant-garde Concrete-couture by James de Wulf

Fullscreen capture 5222013 52744 PM

A sleek and modern pool table – can be made for indoor or outdoor use!  To see more from James de Wulf: www.jamesdewulf.com

Upright Furniture

Focal’s innovative leaning seat and adjustable height standing desk won the Attendees’ Choice Award at the 2012 National Ergonomic Conference and Exhibition in December – a truly innovative way to work.  Ergonomic Specialist Iris Sokol spoke with us about the physical benefits of the leaning seat and standing desk – seems like a much healthier way to work although I imagine making the change takes a little bit of an adjustment period.

To learn more about how the Locus Workstation works visit: www.focaluprightfurniture.com/the-locus-workstation/


Handmade in Vermont

Shackleton Thomas, makers of exquisite handmade furniture and pottery, showed off their newest design – a cocktail cabinet.  Available in solid American black cherry or American black walnut it leaves no detail unattended, book-matched panels, an inset hand-turned knob, dovetailed pull out working surface, dimmable LED system, and so much more.  Perfectly paired with Miranda Thomas’s hand carved pottery this Vermont artisan line exudes quality and craftsmanship at its finest.





To see more visit: www.shackletonthomas.com

In the best interest of the child

Norwegian maker Stokke always designs “in the best interest of the child”.

At ICFF they showed their famous adjustable highchair the Tripp Trapp chair which is at the MOMA exhibition, Century of a Child, along with an adorable and ingenious Sleepi crib which adjusts to grow with a child.

Learn more at: www.stokke.com


Fullscreen capture 5222013 64654 PM

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