The Naked Table Project – Sustainable, Local, Handmade

Looking for a truly special dining table?

How about a personally handmade sustainable table fit for endless feasts!

This Saturday and Sunday, July 13th & 14th, the exquisite handmade Vermont furniture company Shackleton Thomas will host this summer’s first session of their Naked Table Project workshop and Localvore Lunch in Hardwick, VT.

The Naked Table Project builds tables with and for friends and families in communities across New England, made of  Vermont’s iconic Sugar Maple which has been responsibly managed and locally harvested.  The project invites groups of about 15 participants to local workshops to make a plain, simple, contemporary family table.  The groups follow the process from tree to table, learning about its assembly, designating a replacement tree in the woods from which their table came, meeting the loggers, furniture makers, kiln driers, and everyone else in the table’s life cycle, and finally joining together for a community celebration on the finished tables, feasting on locally-grown food together before the table makes it to its final home.

“connecting people to each other and the environment through making things by hand”

From the forest

Into a table

Time for a feast!

To learn more visit

Upcoming Workshops:  August 18th & 19th in Woodstock, VT

Can’t attend, but want your own Naked Table?

Shop Shackleton Thomas’s Naked Table collection inspired by the project:

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