Decorating a Hearth – Exquisite Fireplace Accessory Source (With Fabulous Lighting Too!)

The search for the perfect fireplace screen and accessories can be exhausting – many sources with few quality choices, wrong color, size, style, etc….if you have had this issue and settled on a less than perfect solution you must meet Hearth Art!  Their extensive collection of customizable and bespoke Jewelry for the Hearth and Home is just what you have been dreaming of!

Hearth Art produces consummately crafted and precisely built fireplace accessories in iron, copper and bronze.  They specialize in creating custom sculptural accessories inspired by, and sometimes enhanced by, nature’s most exquisite art: breathtaking minerals, semi-precious gemstones, and ancient fossils.

Tapestry firescreen in Egyptian Gold

In the fine tradition of old world craftsmen Hearth Art meticulously hand-crafts, paints or patinas metal to achieve that unique texture of well-worn ironwork in their studio in Dallas, Texas.  Their distinctive finishes are hand-applied by their artisans in multiple layers to give your piece a deeply resonating luster that will endure for generations.

Ginko firescreen with Pyrite suns, Quartz, and Mica.

Each one-of-a-kind Hearth Art piece is inspired by nature; like beauty found in nature, no two designs will ever be exactly alike.  By mixing the raw and the refined, the natural and man-made, each design traces its origins to earth before its transformation in the studio.

Don’t miss their fabulous lighting! 

Hearth Art’s ever changing collection of one-of-a-kind lamps are made from beautifully selected natural materials and crafted with great precision and care resulting in exquisite works of functional art!

Pair of Agate specimens with Amethyst Druzy mounted on Lucite bases with custom Silk shades.

Black Tourmaline specimen containing Mica and Pyrite held by handcrafted Bronze mount. Custom Lucite base and Silk shade.

To learn more and connect with Hearth Art visit, call 214.843.2140, or email

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