Source Alert: Beautiful Handmade Spanish Tiles

Are you familiar with Antigua del Mar Tile?

If your looking for the most gorgeous authentic reproduction handmade Spanish tiles this brand is not to be missed!


Restauracion Tiles

Restauracion Tiles

Antigua del Mar describes themselves as “a consortium of ceramic tile artisans with studios throughout Spain” – we love the choice of the word consortium,  we use it to explain PORTE-COCHÈRE as well!

Antigua del Mar’s corporate offices are based in Santa Monica, California – perhaps we can meet them when we head West for the WestEdge design fair October 3-6!  They are on a mission to provide US designers and architects with the finest, most authentic reproduction antique tiles from the 12th – 18th centuries through the use of studio artisans who utilize the same hand-made techniques employed by their predecessors’ centuries ago.

The creative force behind this brand is Lorna Auerbach, an American designer with a lifelong love for Spanish architectural details including antique tiles. In the process of developing authentic Andalusian and Mediterranean style custom homes, Auerbach found that she was unable to locate antique tiles in adequate quantities, consequently she began reproducing them in Spain using the same techniques and craftsmanship originally employed in their creation.

Fulles Nize Collection

19th Century: Nize Collection 

In addition to their traditional reproductions Antigua del Mar offers some beautiful contemporary designs!

KV-TurqKim Michiko Collection

Michiko Collection Installation

20-21st Century Contemporary: Michiko Collection 

Esmeralda Acuarela Field Tiles

Acuarela Field Tiles 

What is Socarrat? Antigua del Mar does a wonderful job of telling the story of their tiles!

Vende Conejo Soccarrat

Socarrat – Verde Conejo

“The term socarrat (‘scorched’) refers to large fired-earth tiles manufactured using the biscuit technique: the slab, once dried in air, is rubbed with white clay on its smooth side, then blue, red ochre and iron is painted onto this base. It is then fired, and the tile comes out colored blue, vermilion and black on a white base. They were intended to decorate eaves and cornices, to which they afforded a colorful intensity, usually in mineral earthy black tones and iron or ochre reds dissolved in a lime milk that, once set, gave them consistency. Socarrat tiles are not glazed, a typical characteristic of azulejos. One of our featured tiles is socarratCarabela, thissocarrat tile combines black and red ochre, it is decorated with a boat that is sliding through the water, accosted by sharks jumping at the bow and attempting to board it. The sails have been rendered realistically, taken in at the top and with edges that droop like a sunshade. The stars in the upper part suggest night-time. According to González Martí, the boat appears to be a caravel, as it fits the general description of a light vessel with a single deck, square stern, a castle at each end and three masts with sails. The prevalence of this type of vessel in late Gothic gold- and silverware attests to its popularity. More recently, the prominent bow and stern have identified it as a cog.”

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