Innovation in the Polish Design Community – Meble VOX and The Fascinating Lidewij Edelkoort & School of Form

On the hunt for a NYC appropriate storage bed for the newest member of the PORTE-COCHÈRE team while at High Point Market Fall 2013 we came across the Polish company Meble VOX and this gadget filled bed design!  Imagine how hard it would be to get a teenager out of bed if they had one of these!



The Meble VOX brand is a pioneer in the use of design thinking in furniture production.  Their debut showroom in High Point was filled with fun, modern, and innovative furniture geared to youth and apartment living and all about function!  Focused on the development of Polish design thought, as well as the development of young designers Meble VOX joined forces with the innovative School of Form founded by renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort.

When we learned of  Li Edelkoort and the The School of Form from VOX’s president Piotr Wit Voelkel we were even more intrigued by the design industry in Poland!  The concept of School of Form involves a combination of teaching practical design skills and humanistic understanding of the world.  Knowledge about the condition of modern man, his roots, traditions and material culture, awareness of social phenomena and mechanisms that govern human behavior and society today are basic tools for a designer the same way as the knowledge of the latest multimedia technologies and crafts.

A perfect example of design meets humanity is Meble VOX’s SMART collection!

We look forward to following Meble VOX, Li Edelkoort and The School of Form and sharing their innovative approach to the world of design!

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