P`C’s Highlights of Art Basel 2013

Art Basel 2013 turned Miami into a global art epicenter with non-stop events and an endless feast for all senses!

Many of the exhibits were reflective of the event, playing off the time, space, and audience. One such event, titled, Psychotropic, took place at the Clinton hotel where guests with a mix of art, fashion. The event showcased art by Greggory Siff, an American mixed media artist, and fashionable sunglasses designed by John Hildebrand from Sicky’s World. In collaboration, the snatchable sunglasses came in colorful cases hand-painted by Siff. His major works were interpretations of Art Basel, drawn en situ on the walls of the Clinton Hotel to play directly off the atmosphere of the moment. The wall mural drawings glowed under black light. Siff defines Psychotropic as “vivid visions caused by dreams and celebrations of the mind’s memory.” The collaboration was prepped by one of our favorite LA art galleries, The Art Reserve.
photo 2 A must see for the interior design enthusiast was the Design Miami exhibit, starting with its intriguing entryway with a porte-cochère! To read more about this homage to modern industrial and environmentally friendly design, see here. tentpile-465x265 The galleries invited to exhibit in Design Miami curate exceptional objects from the advent of Modernism (circa 1900) to the present day. The showcase had an array of notable and innovative pieces from inspiring vintage designs to modern day pieces enhanced by technology, each inside impeccably curated booths. Mid-century design was prominent, reinforcing its current resurgence in popularity. IMG_5107 Technology trends such as fiber optics and laser glass cutting were incorporated into large scale sculptural forms. Untitled-1 A hot topic at Art Basel is the success of Artsy, a sponsor of Design Miami. Artsy’s goal is to make art and art education accessible and to the masses. Their innovative Art Genome Project helps users discover art that would appeal to them. Artsy offers a selection of Design Miami on their commerce site. photo 3 We have to agree with their endorsement of Jean Prouvé’s historic Maison Demountable from Galerie Patrick Seguin. IMG_5122 All in all the show and week of top notch events were another success for Art Basel!

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