Have you considered incorporating architectural lighting or experiential design into your interior projects?

Integration of lighting into artworks, furniture and architecture can add an amazingly dynamic and magical effect to an interior.  The question many interior designers ask themselves once they conjure up such a vision is how can I make it a reality?

Meet Robb Pope – founder and CEO of Digital Ambiance!

When P`C design firm member FORM introduced us to Robb they put it like this – “[He] is a custom lighting designer of epic magnitude.  That’s not really appropriately descriptive, though.  The work he is doing and is capable of doing is very exciting.  He would make an exceptional partner to your designers not only as a vendor, but also as a collaborator on projects and on custom work and development.  There are a myriad of ways in which he can be a terrific resource.  His capabilities and knowledge are expansive, to say the least.”  And they were absolutely right!



Digital Ambiance is the perfect partner to help you bring your lighting vision, or other experiential designs, to life!

A full service lighting and design agency specializing in light art, Digital Ambiance creates immersive multimedia environments, interactive installations, and experiential marketing solutions for the world’s biggest brands and artists.  Expert designer Robb Pope leads a team of highly skilled 3D modelers, animators, lighting programmers, visual artists and engineers to design, build and install high-impact interactive media installations.  They have a long history of putting their considerable experience to use in the management of multimedia technology projects of all shapes and sizes.



So if you are looking to incorporate lighting or create a full blown engaging experience on your next interiors project be sure to reach out to Digital Ambiance!  Let your imagination run wild…glass floor tiles illuminating with every step, sculptural chandeliers pulsing with light, water fountains flowing with 3D projections and LEDs outlining buildings.

Bottom line: if you can imagine it, Digital Ambiance can create it!

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