Five Inspiring Talks on the Business of Design at April 2014 High Point Market

Crans Baldwin headshot(2)

Outside the Interior: Business Ideas for Interior Design Entrepreneurs by Crans Baldwin, CEO of Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman

Mr. Baldwin gave an outstanding presentation that highlighted the many solutions designers around the country have embraced to stay relevant and profitable. A truly generous and informative speaker!



Lloyd Princeton 2014A New Conversation – Evolving your Business with the DIY Consumer by Lloyd Princeton, Principal Consultant of Design Management Company, Author & Motivational Speaker

Mr. Princeton’s charming and fast paced delivery underscored Mr. Baldwin’s presentation and was filled with practical advice and plenty of take away information for designer’s to incorporate into their marketing and business practices for immediate improvements.



denise mcgaha

Designing with a Deadline – Design Secrets for A Timeline Sensitive Project by Denise McGaha, Principal of Denise McGaha Interiors, P`C Design Firm Member

Ms. McGaha lit up the podium with her no nonsense approach to delivering high quality design while managing the customers expectations and delivering it all in a time frame that meets the sweet spot of profitability!



WCU_Jay-Reardon_WebSustaining the Value of Design by Jay Reardon, Principal of Reardon Advisors, Chairman of Exec. Committee and Member of Board of Directors of Chaddock Home, Longtime Former President of Hickory Chair

Mr. Reardon gave a heartfelt talk on the importance of sustainable furniture design in today’s industry at the American Society of Furniture Designers’ (ASFD) Spring Market Dinner. Reardon ended his presentation with a powerful statement, “The industry is being destroyed and commoditized, but parasites can’t sustain themselves without a host. Come back with creative solutions and improve on existing products. That is creativity. That is design.”!




Antiques Diva Style Guide by Toma Clark Haines, CEO & Founder of The Antiques Diva & Co., P`C Member

Ms. Clark Haines delivered a fun exploration of French Antiques through the Louis’ (XIII, XIV, XV, XVI) and finished it off with a champagne tour of her favorite shops in the Antique & Design Center, her specialty :)!

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