Top Ten Highlights of Fall 2014 High Point Market

Life at PORTE-COCHÈRE is non-stop so we are just finally getting around to this list of highlights from our Fall High Point Market trip!

A few new finds…

Michael J Clément took our breath away with his beautiful collection of handcrafted ceramic lamps and accessories! Three base coats chosen from over 35 custom colors and metallic leafs are hand applied – most of them created by a local artist friend – and then Clement overlays patterns of foliage inspired by his background as a landscape architect. Choose a shape and a shade, select a custom color and pattern to create the perfect piece for your design project!





Florida based interior design firm B. Pila Design’s furnishing collection Hide & Seek was on display in Interhall – Bea’s furniture with all its wonderful use of acrylic was gorgeous as always, but we especially loved these giant dream catchers!


B. Pila Design’s collaboration with Tomlinson was a star in the Tomlinson showroom (which by the way must win for furthest showroom from IHFC!) We were smitten with her dining chairs with acrylic tops and the beautiful bench and cocktail table shown below.




While in the Tomlinson showroom we were so pleased to see AMS Imports on display and loved meeting the new president Taylor van der Mandele!


The Scottish plaid pattern, tartan and wool twill rugs were by far our favorite! Available as area rugs, broadloom carpets, fabrics, and throws they are made and manufactured in the Scottish Highlands of natural materials.

They also had some gorgeous Alpaca rugs from Peru!



H.H. Walker and Company was slightly off the beaten path in Suites at Market Square so we were so happy to stumble across them! Their table lamps made of antique finds were gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces and the artwork of one of the owners, Edward Sullivan, was beautifully framed and displayed on their brilliant eye catching pink walls!



This next find is a little off from our usual picks, but we could not resist sharing it as they were truly the most amazing lounge bags (yes this is a classy way of saying bean bag) we had ever seen! Meet Yogibo – to truly appreciate how great they are you must sit in one, however this video does an excellent job of showing their magic!



We also saw some beautiful new things from brands we already know…

Tommy Mitchell’s tole flowers are always a favorite of ours, but this was the first time we had seen their table lamps – stunning!



The fabulous VanCollier had some delightful new designs including the exquisite Greek key etagere and Ginkgo leaf console shown below!




Hickory Chair’s new space on the Heritage Home Group’s floor in Suites at Market Square certainly felt less impressive than their old showroom on Hamilton Street, but we saw the appeal of having all the HHG brands together in one place. AND we LOVED seeing the ultra talented Alexa Hampton’s rooms in Hickory Chair – perfectly done as always!

alexa hampton


We of course knew the name Vanguard Furniture, but we had never visited their showroom in High Point. So after a few of our design firm members told us to go check them out we did and boy were we impressed! Loved this take on a canopy bed!


And the best looking recliner we have ever seen (modeled by P`C co-founder Ann Shriver Sargent 🙂 )!



And last buy very certainly not least! ADRIANA HOYOS returned to High Point after many years with a beautiful showroom at 200 Hamilton where they introduced their newest collection, Bolero.


The elegant Bolero rocking chair shown below is a perfect representation of their sophisticated and glamorous new collection.



We look forward to our return to High Point in the Spring!


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