Why Value Original Design?

As tempting as it is to knockoff a designer table or chair at your custom shop to save money and potentially increase your profit margins, this forgery is detrimental to the design industry as a whole! Not to mention it is morally wrong to steal another’s creative process. We all must support originality!


Albeit premium and luxury brands often have inflated prices and offer meager trade discounts, they play a vital role in supporting the interior design industry so knocking them off hurts us all in the long run. The ads these brands place in shelter magazines and the PR buzz they create help inspire end consumers to aspire great design which in turn leads many to hire interior designers to create their dream homes.

At PORTE-COCHÈRE we are working to help premium and luxury brands understand the importance of offering interior designers fair discounts in exchange for them serving as their sales force and not knocking their products off at custom shops, visit www.porte-cochere.com to learn more about joining us on our mission. When you can, buy original, and when you can’t, find something else!

Wondering how to learn more about the importance of original design and how to support it? Be Original Americas is a fabulous organization devoted to championing originality from both a historical and future looking perspective. They promote the value of authentic design, the creative process of a designer, and shed light on topics such as the difference between plagiarism and inspiration.

Be Original’s Manifesto is an excellent set of rules to live by when it comes to respecting originality – they believe:

  1. In the designer and creator
  2. In the customer
  3. That investing in original design is good business
  4. In protecting the designer and company
  5. In creativity
  6. That good design makes a difference
  7. In the future of design
  8. In authenticity
  9. In true partners

Visit Be Original’s site to read more about each of these guidelines to originality, and to learn more about their mission and how you can support them!

Be sure to check out one of our favorite sections of Be Original Americas’ site – “Not Original” where you can report copies – harnessing the influence of media is certainly a powerful way to deter knockoffs!

Stay tuned to meet our new friend, design patent examiner, Cynthia Underwood who soon will be launching her new business Hello Inventor – a great new resource for anyone looking to protect their intellectual design property!

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